Confessions of a WERKaholic
Many of your favorite boss babe faces have been beat by celebrity makeup artist, Mimi Johnson, founder of Glamatory. This beauty powerhouse's empire includes a product line, magazine, and quarterly subscription box. Listen as she shares her wisdom with my Werkaholics.The spotlight then shines on Breonna Queen, a video strategist who helps clients learn how to produce popular and profitable YouTube videos. “Our passions tend to lead us away from our profession.” -- Koereyelle
Confessions of a WERKaholic
Ep. 122: Securing the Bag in the Beauty Industry
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Ep. 122: Securing the Bag in the Beauty Industry
Ep. 121: Imitation Isn't Flattering
Ep. 120: From Script to the Screen
EP. 119: For The Culture
Ep. 118: Creating Coins in the Cannabis Industry
Ep. 117: The Business Babe Breaks it Down
Ep. 116: This is a Sign
Ep. 115: From Wallstreet to WERKaholic
Ep. 114: Put Your Pride Aside
Ep. 113: Building Yourself Back Up After a Breakdown
Ep. 112: Focus On What's For You
Ep. 111: In-Studio with the Dream Team
Ep. 110: Securing the Bag Using Social Media
Ep. 109: Building a Global Brand
Ep. 108: Speak What You Seek
Ep. 107: Purpose, Passion Payday
Ep. 106: Why Winners Keep Winning
Ep. 105: Building a Brand By Being YOU
Ep. 104: How to Get Paid From Promo
Ep. 103: Turning Your Fear Into Fuel
Ep. 102: Put in WERK
SPECIAL EPISODE: In Studio w/ Koe & Mattie James
Ep. 101: From Humble Beginnings to High Fashion
Ep. 100: How to Maximize Your Earning Power
Ep. 99: Stay Down
Ep. 98: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Special Episode: In•Studio w/ Koe & Meghann Monroe
Ep. 97: Wealth Building for WERKing Women
Ep. 96: Don't Get Caught Slippin'
Ep. 95: The Secret to Sustaining Success
Ep. 94: Do better, black people!
Ep. 93: Blessed + Boss'd Up
Ep. 92: Mind Your Business
Ep. 91: Travel + Transformation #BlackGirlsTravelToo
Ep. 90: Are You 'Bout That Life?
Ep. 89: How to Answer God's Assignment
Ep. 88: Ask. Believe. Receive.
Ep. 87: How to Leverage Your Passion for Fashion
Ep. 86: Start This Thang Off Right
Ep. 85: Sallie Mae Must Die
Ep. 84: Purpose-Driven & Paid
Ep. 83: Live Your Best Boss Life
Ep. 82: D.A.R.E to Dream
Ep. 81: What are you bringing to the table?
Ep. 80: The Purpose Principles
Ep. 79: Land Over Labels
Ep. 78: Bet On Yourself
Ep. 77: Making Boss Moves in the Beauty Industry
Ep. 76: The New Normal
Ep. 75: Brand Building on a Budget
Ep. 74: Go With Your Gut
Ep. 73: But, are you really grown?
Ep. 72: Life Goes On
Ep. 71: How this #BlackGirlsRock Honoree is Living Her Purpose through Education
Ep. 70: Don't Believe The Hype
Ep. 69: Using Your Connections to Create the Life You Want
Ep. 68: Get Out of the Way
Ep. 67: How to Create Wealth Without Corporate America
Ep. 66: Success Starts with ONE Step
Ep. 65: How to Gain Publicity for Your Platform
Ep. 64: Playing Victim is Played Out
Ep 63: Making it in Media: The Only Thing that Works is WERK
Ep. 62: Humble Yourself
Ep. 61: How to Use What You Got to Get What You Want
Ep. 60: You've Been Cleared for Takeoff
Ep. 59: Money Moves with the Millionairess
Ep. 58: Are you living on autopilot or nah?
Ep. 57: Business Break Ups , Divorce + Diversifying Your Investments
Ep. 56: Actions Speak Louder than Words
Ep. 55: Using the Law of Attraction to Level Up
Ep. 54: Productivity + Perfect Patty Syndrome
Ep. 53: True Life: I'm an Inventor
Ep. 52: Trust God's Timing BUT GET TO WERK
Ep. 51: Real Estate, Relationships + Really Getting Paid
Ep. 50: Trust God's Timing
Ep. 49: REVOLT TV PR Director Shares Success Secrets
Ep. 48: You Can't Boss Up with BUMS
Ep. 47: The Link Between Self-Love & Success
Ep. 46: TeamWERK Makes the Dream Work!
Ep. 45: From Prison to Payday, Her Struggle Story became her Success Story!
Ep. 44: All Bets On Me
Ep. 43: How to Slay While Serving Featuring Gabrielle Deculus
Ep. 42: The Level Up ...
Ep. 41: Real Wealth is Good Health - Chef Ahki Keeps it Real
Ep. 40: Black Love, Family + Enterprise
Ep. 39: Black Business, Black Pride + Black Girl Magic
Ep. 38: From Sleeping on the Streets to Self-Made Millionaire
Ep. 37: Less Talk, More WERK!
Ep. 36: Mommy Mogul Meagan Ward Confesses
Ep. 35: What You Need to Get What You Want
Ep. 34: Teen Mom Turned Millionaire Confesses
Ep. 33: Terri Lomax Confesses
Ep. 32: Tifanny Aliche "The Budgetnista" Confesses
Ep. 31: Rhonesha Byng Confesses
Ep. 30: Monique Rodriguez Confesses
Ep. 29: Rashan Ali Confesses
Ep. 28: Miasha Coleman Confesses
Ep. 27: Cara Alwill Leyba Confesses
Ep. 26: Zakiyrah Confesses
Ep. 24: Nicole Garner-Scott Confesses
Ep. 25: Kishshana Palmer "The Fund Diva" Confesses
Ep. 23: Bianca of Sassy Mitchell Confesses
Ep. 22: Marie Denee Confesses
Ep. 21: Mahisha Dellinger
Ep. 20: Ahyiana Angel Confesses
Ep. 19: Arian Simone Confesses
Ep.18: Kemetria Lilly Confesses
Ep. 17: Marsha Barnes Confesses
Ep. 16: Stacey Ferguson Confesses
Ep. 15: Arnita Johnson-Hall Confesses
Ep. 14: Nichole Lynel Confesses
Ep. 13: Bershan Shaw Confesses
Ep. 12: Rachel Hill Confesses
Ep. 11: Maja Sly Confesses
Ep. 10: B The Jeweler Confesses
Ep. 9: Mecca Moore Confesses
Ep. 8: The Babyshopaholic Confesses
Ep. 7: Koereyelle Confesses
Ep. 6: Kachelle Kelly Confesses
Ep. 5: Boss Babe Alexandra Wolf Confesses
Ep. 4: Cameka Smith Confesses
Ep. 3: Tiphani Montgomery Confesses
Ep. 2: Brandi Harvey Confesses
Ep. 1: Patrice C. Washington Confesses